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Lighter, Faster, Higher Resolution, Lower Dose & Fantastically Turn-Key.


The Future of Medical Imaging is the

Claris CBCT and its boldly going where

no CT has gone before.

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Videos | Claris CBCT


Building The Future Begins with You

The Advantage of a New Era in Medical Imaging


If you've had previous experience with iCRco, you likely know that our devices are designed for easy servicing and repair. We prioritize a strong and rugged engineering approach that allows for seamless technology upgrades, ensuring longevity and continuous improvement. CBCT is a key focus for us as we advance the technology. This evolution encompasses not only software but also hardware components like the DR system, sensor sensitivity, video and graphic processing units, and computer horsepower. By optimizing these elements, we enhance the speed and capability of our Claris CBCT, creating a compelling and powerful solution.

However, in order to scale this technology across America, we need your support. We believe that iCRco, with its expertise in CR, is now venturing into the world of serviceable CBCT. The potential for growth and advancement in this field is truly exhilarating, and we believe that our solution can help you elevate your position as a leading X-ray powerhouse. Together, we can seize the margins and opportunities available to us, propelling the technology forward and achieving new heights.

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