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The New Standard of Care


The New Standard of Care in Medical Imaging

Discover our groundbreaking, fully-mobile CT solution, delivering on-site clinical care in even the most challenging and remote locations. Powered by a fully-electric Ford Lightning F-150, this cutting-edge system combines 30 years of ruggedized engineering expertise from iCRco. Its compact design and advanced 3D imaging capabilities provide unparalleled mobility for medical imaging. Now, healthcare professionals can reach previously inaccessible areas, bringing essential diagnostic services to new frontiers. Embrace innovation and reliability as we redefine the future of imaging, bringing it right to your doorstep.

Ultra High Resolution & Low Dose

Cone Beam Computed Tomography


Claris CBCT® is a groundbreaking CBCT unit for orthopedic and veterinary imaging, specializing in large format and high-resolution capability; this solution offers revolutionary visualization of head and neck, joints, and bone detail.  The compact-size yet versatile 3DCT promises industry-leading images achieving extremely low patient radiation dose.

Clinical Practice & Benefits 


The in-office applications for Claris CBCT® provide real-world benefits for assessing fractures, malunions, preoperative case planning, and postoperative checkups. The Claris CBCT® is an ensemble of features and benefits that provide clinical advantages over traditional medical CT scanners in clinical practice. These include lower effective radiation doses, lower cost, fewer space requirements, easier image acquisition, and interactive display modes, such as multi-planar reconstruction (MPR), applicable to both upper and lower extremities and head and neck imaging.


Brand New | Fully Electric Travel Clinic CT | Ultra Advanced Tele-Radiology Platform


The Advancements of Point of Care Mobile CT Imaging


The Claris XT is a breakthrough Low Power Consumption, Small Footprint, Low Dose, High Resolution Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) platform pushing the boundaries of LUNG CANCER SCREENING.


The use of CT technology in mobile units, such as RVs or mobile clinics, has gained popularity in recent years, particularly in areas with limited access to medical facilities or in emergency situations where on-site imaging is crucial.


Mobile CT units are equipped with a compact CT scanner that can be transported and set up in various locations, providing imaging services on the go.

1. Accessibility: Mobile units can reach remote areas, underserved communities, disaster-stricken regions, or events where immediate medical imaging is necessary.


2. Timeliness: Mobile CT units can rapidly deploy and provide imaging services on-site, reducing the time required for patients to travel to a fixed medical facility.


3. Flexibility: Mobile units can be customized to meet specific needs and equipped with necessary amenities, such as patient examination rooms, control areas, and image interpretation stations.

4. Screening Programs: Mobile CT units can be utilized for targeted health screening programs, such as lung cancer screenings or cardiovascular risk assessments, reaching a wider population.

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Claris V is a revenue producer. Learn how clinics are transforming patient care while the Claris V pays for their practice.

Claris V will provide enough data in a single scan to reduce multiple anesthesia and ease stress on the patient and owner.

The 3DCT imaging modality provides diagnostic clarity that transforms your treatment capabilities.


Average Charge

Per Scan


Easy Financing &

Monthly Payments

15 mos.

Claris V

Pays For Itself

Finally, a compact, and affordable CT, that's easy to install and
is a revenue producer for your practice. ​

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iCRco has been a global provider of imaging systems for multiple decades with over 2 Billion Images worldwide. We have been a solutions provider for Equine, Vet, Gen Med, and NDT. We've supported major motion pictures, archeological studies, and famous art restoration efforts. 

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