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Who We Are

Stephen Neushul began his career as an engineer working with a team that created NASA designs used on the International Space Station.


In 1990 Stephen launched iCRco Inc. an engineering and design manufacturer of X-ray  imaging solutions for Medical and Non-Destructive Testing applications. In its 32 year history, iCRco has provided a full range of digital imaging solutions including cassette workflow, direct capture, and 3DCT that integrates seamlessly into its proprietary acquisition, practice management, and image archiving softwares.


Today, iCRco is a globally-recognized imaging company with approximately 2 billion images captured and installations in over 200 countries worldwide.

Stephen attends the largest Radiologic Tradeshow in the USA. He's presented his innovative line of medical imaging systems since 1990



Images Captured


Since it’s inception, iCRco, has been committed to providing healthcare professionals the best in imaging technology while pulling costs out of healthcare. iCRco is proudly represented in the most busiest and exotic locations in over 90 countries worldwide. Recently iCRco calculated almost 2 billion images captured since it entered the global arena.

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