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Support & Registration

All iCRco products come with a One-year Limited Warranty, and an option to purchase an Extended Warranty at any time during the original warranty period.


Software products are also covered by extending the iCare software support contract.    If the product or software does not have a current or extended warranty and support plan,  registration is required.   This allows  iCRco to add the device to our Technical Support and client database, and use teamviewer to remotely diagnose any possible issues with your system.  

iCRco product registration provides limited phone and email access to our Technical Services group,  plus the following:

  1. ​Telephone and remote PC connected to the end user's system. (Remote analysis of issues when possible)

  2. Critical Software updates when possible.  IMPORTANT NOTE: New software releases, and updates to new OS are not included.  

  3. Remote programming of new PMT boards to ensure the correct calibration of systems.

  4. Assessment of diagnostic capability of units. (Test for viability as a medical device)

  5. Purchases of spare parts.

  6. Access and guidance to system trade-in options

Create an account with iCRco to manage your registered products, get helpful information & tips, track your orders, and much more. Purchase your registration here.

Extended warranty and software support contract provides:

(1) Software Updates, and All Software upgrades.  All updates to new OS, and all Critical updates.   

(2) Loaner system provided in case of device failure (Shipping not included). 

(3) Loaner PC in case of critical PC acquisition failure

(4) Remote assistance and configuration of software and monitoring of Hardware

(5) Physics checkup (upon request), yearly calibration of hardware. (Upon request). 

(6) Free Migration assistance

(7) Monitoring of PACS RAID storage solution

(8) Trade-In/Trade-up options at 25% discount from list price

Extended warranty bundle Price for hardware and software: (No hidden costs or extra software support charges)

8% of Kit price per year. Provides iCRco Platinum 24X7 Service and Support for your medical Imaging solution!

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