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3D CT/X-Ray Scanner.

The New Standard of Care in Medical Imaging.

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BlazingFast Performance

20 Second


2-5 Minutes


3-5 Minutes

DICOM Transfer

Acquire, reconstruct, and transfer high-quality images at lightning speed. The Claris XT delivers an easy-to-use interface and high patient throughput, along with capturing high detailed chest information as well as studies expected from a traditional x-ray room.



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CT Scan

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Image Acquisition

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Image Reconstruction

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Image Transfer to Clarity PACS

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iCRco Expert CT Reading Service

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Receive CT Diagnostic Report

Claris CBCT MaxVision

Multi-Scan Body Imaging for Advanced Care

Addressing Evolving Healthcare Needs.


Today's healthcare landscape faces demographic shifts, growing patient populations, and a rising demand for specialized treatments. The Claris CBCT MAXVision by iCRco, Inc. is a revolutionary ConeBeam CT system designed to meet these challenges.

Enhanced Care for Diverse Patients

The Claris CBCT MAXVision system caters to a wider range of patients, including older adults and those with larger builds. It empowers medical professionals to deliver exceptional care efficiently.

Broad Applications in Various Specialties

Ideal for:

  • Radiologists: Capture intricate details of bone structures for precise diagnoses.

  • Orthopedic Surgeons:Obtain comprehensive views for accurate assessments and surgical planning.

  • Otolaryngologists:Visualize detailed images for effective treatment of ENT conditions.

  • Dentists:Achieve high-resolution imaging for improved dental evaluations and procedures.

Improved Diagnostics and Treatment Optimization

This innovative system offers low-dose imaging at a lower cost compared to traditional methods. It also facilitates treatment planning and outcome analysis, leading to better patient care.

Automated Workflows for Enhanced Accuracy


iCRco's exclusive automation technology streamlines workflows and minimizes human error during patient positioning and exposure, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

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Emergency Care, Surgical Planning, General Imaging Large 17” by 17"

Detector Plates, Minimal Footprint, Ideal For Small Clinics, Dose Optimized By Imaging Application.


Variable Resolution Down To 140-micron Voxel Size.

Advanced CBCT Capable Of Full Chest Studies. Traditional Full CT, Tomosynthesis.

Replace X-Ray Rooms

MAX.VISION: A New Era in Imaging

The growing body of research on CBCT imaging reflects its rising adoption. iCRco, Inc. has been at the forefront of this technology, leading its development from dental-maxillofacial applications to groundbreaking use in otorhinolaryngology (ENT) and musculoskeletal (MSK) fields.

The Claris CBCT MAX.VISION boasts the largest gantry aperture available, making it the most advanced CBCT system on the market. It captures intricate details while providing a comprehensive view of the entire anatomy.

Flexible Acquisition Protocols for Advanced Diagnostics

The system offers exceptional accessibility and versatility, supporting various acquisition protocols. These range from basic 2D X-ray examinations (Ray2D) to advanced analysis of joint dynamics using Cine Mode, and comprehensive 3D volumetric diagnosis with exceptional bone tissue detail.

Larger, Consistent


Traditional flat panel detectors have a limited field-of-view and can miss vital anatomical information, the Claris V captures more important diagnostic image data in a single exposure with its large format 17X17 inch sensor. Cesium Sensor technology reduces dose and improves CT resolution at very high frame capture rates, reducing movement artifacts and improving patient outcomes.

Axis CT Exam Table

The New Axis Motorized Table Options Allow:

  • Motorized Z Axis Adjustment

  • Robotic X Movement

  • Mobile

  • Attaches to CT Gantry with Locking Interface

  • Radio Translucent

  • Low Attenuation Carbon Fiber Table Top

  • Manual or Robotic Movement

  • Adjustable Height 

Unparalleled Versatility for Diverse Patients

For the first time, CBCT technology can be used for comprehensive examinations of the spine, shoulder, hip, and other body regions. Additionally, the high-capacity patient table (supporting up to 474 lbs) accommodates even heavy patients.

Furthermore, the Claris CBCT MAX.VISION adapts automatically to adjust field-of-view (FOV) and X-ray dosage based on the patient's size, ensuring optimal imaging for both adults and children.

Exceptional Detail and Reduced Artifacts

With a resolution of up to 90 microns, the system allows for meticulous analysis of even the most delicate structures like the inner ear. The motorized table, with the patient in a supine position, minimizes movement artifacts and simplifies accurate FOV alignment, leading to reliable and definitive results while optimizing X-ray exposure.

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Simple, Intuitive Image Viewing


Clarity PACS :

Storing, Reporting and Sending Images​​

The Claris XT is renowned for its high-resolution imaging capabilities, generating a substantial volume of scans over time. Managing and organizing these images efficiently is crucial. To address this need, iCRco offers Clarity PACS, a fully DICOM compliant Picture Archiving Communication System.

Clarity PACS is designed to be scalable and cost-effective, catering to facilities of varying sizes. It optimizes imaging workflows by streamlining the process of storing, retrieving, and managing medical images. Its user-friendly interface simplifies image management tasks, allowing healthcare providers to access patient images securely and efficiently. Moreover, Clarity PACS is fully web-enabled, facilitating remote access and enabling healthcare professionals to view images from any location with internet connectivity.

This PACS system supports all major imaging modalities, including X-ray, CT, MRI, and ultrasound, ensuring compatibility across diverse medical environments. It includes a powerful web-viewer that enhances diagnostic capabilities by providing comprehensive tools for image analysis and reporting. With robust security features and compliance with industry standards, Clarity PACS ensures data integrity and patient confidentiality.

Clarity PACS by iCRco represents a significant advancement in medical imaging technology, offering comprehensive solutions for storing, reporting, and transmitting medical images effectively across healthcare settings.

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