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Medical X-Ray Systems

iCRco Medical X-Ray Solutions provides total X-Ray suites designed for today's modern practitioner. Each of these solutions come complete with an X-Ray source, wall bucky stand, patient table, and the choice of an iDR scanning DR system or cassette sized AirDR panel. The single user interface allows for a fully-automated touchscreen experience allowing the user to control the generator from anywhere in the patient room.

iCRco Medical X-Ray Solutions are safe and easy to install allowing for total imaging freedom. The advanced image acquisition software, XC, provides a complete digital workflow with auto-positioning and advanced image processing features- making this solution a versatile and must have X-Ray configuration for your radiology facility. 









All iCRco Medical X-Ray Solutions come packaged with XC, our advanced image acquisition software utilizing ICE-4 image enhancement technology. This software not only acquires, manipulates, and stores your X-ray images, it also can be used to control the X-Ray source and take X-rays. All of this can be done without leaving your workstation. This is only one of the many advantageous and exciting features of our Del UMG Medical X-Ray Solutions, giving you the power to excel and provide great care to your patients. 

Touchscreen Acquisition Software


We install only the best X-ray source equipment, Both the X-ray tube stand and wall stand bucky feature extensive vertical travel, allowing for a full range of upright positions. 


The tube stand features electro-magnetic locks and angulating tube arm for easy and accurate positioning. 


The 140kHu, 1.0 x 2.0 mm focal spot tube ensures high-resolution images.


The standard six foot (183cm) tracks allow for 40in (100cm) and 72in (180cm) detector distances.


Customize for your needs with your choice of our 30, 40, and 50kW high-frequency generator options. Complete generator integration can be done with our DR and iDR series of products.



When deciding upon an X-Ray imaging detector, iCRco has given you the freedom to choose based on your needs. The base-level AirDR flat-panel detector provides great image resolution and places neatly into the wall stand bucky that comes standard with your installation. If you need a more advanced option, the family of iDR scanning digital radiography detectors are easily installed in place of the bucky. Various sizes are available for the iDR family of imaging detectors. A motorized wall-mounted elevator can be installed alongside all iDR detectors. 

1. A wireless 14" x 17" AirDR or tethered 17" x 17" AirDRc flat-panel detector can be inserted into the wall-mounted bucky.

This option provides you with a simplified workflow with high resolution output to get you up and running.

2. The iDR scanning Digital Radiography options provide single or multiple zone configurations from 14" x 17" to 17" x 51"


Each system utilizes our motorized wall-mounted elevator for easy adjustments.

Multiple AirDR Panels Available
17"x17" Wired (Csi) | 14"x17" Wireless (Csi) | 17"x17" (Goz)

Multiple iDR Sizes Available
14"x17" & 17"x17" | 14"x34" & 17"x34" | 14"x51" & 17"x51"

A Table Built For Every Type of Patient


The iCRco Medical X-Ray Solutions comes equipped with a fully-featured patient X-Ray table, capable of supporting patient weights up to 800 Lbs (363kg). The patient table has foot-operated levers that control lateral and longitudinal directions, along with the ability to adjust the height of the table. The standard table width is 86.5", with the option of choosing a narrower table at 78" at no added cost to the facility.

✓ Vertical and Horizontal Table Movement

✓ Collision Safety Sensors

✓ Standard 17"x17" Grid Cabinet

✓ 800 Lbs Capacity

XC™ : ICE-4 Image Clarity Enhancement

The Del UMG Medical X-ray Solution is designed to work iCRco’s proprietary software, X-ray Capture (XC). XC Acquisition software is powered by a multi-frequency processing algorithm known as Image Clarity Enhancement (ICE).


4th Generation ICE processing provides an image display state that ensures a balanced presentation of both soft tissue and overlapping bone structures and technology that improves image quality while preserving diagnostic detail for thicker body parts.

Simple, Intuitive Image Viewing

Clarity PACS : Storing, Reporting and Sending Images​​

The Claris XT scans images and over time storing and organizing those images becomes a necessity. For this reason, iCRco has a fully DICOM compliant Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS). 

Clarity PACS is a scalable and affordable PACS designed to optimize imaging workflow and simplify image management processes, and it is fully web-enabled. It is designed to support all major modalities and includes a powerful web-viewer.

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