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Most iCRco hardware comes with one-year limited warranty. To extend your coverage further, we ask that you register your product. iCRco manufacturers the hardware and the software applications which makes them integrated systems. Registering these integrated systems give you a one-stop service and support from iCRco experts that work in our factory.

iCRco registration contracts provide phone and email access to our Technical Services Agents plus the following services:


  • ​Telephone and remote PC connection to the end user's system. (Remote analysis of issues)

  • Software upgrades (XC), improvement.

  • Interactive custom development of new parameters in XC.

  • Remote programming of new PMT boards to ensure correct calibration of systems.

  • Assessment of diagnostic capability of units.

  • Remote upgrades of acquisition software (XC).

  • Purchases of spare parts. No refunds.

Product Registration

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