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Request for Product Registration for your iCRco Hardware & Software

GOLETA, CALIF. –This is a friendly and important reminder that all iCRco Products must be registered with our support staff. Registering your products is the only way to extend support coverage further. As you know iCRco manufactures the hardware and the software applications which make them integrated systems. These integrated systems give you one-stop support from iCRco experts that work in our factory.

Periodic Maintenance Guideline

Imaging Tests

Wellhoeffer or DIN test tool exposure. (All CR and DR installations)

Computed Radiography Systems

Remove front and back covers, clean/vacuum/brush and examine all connections, test PDB button check. Wipe down all surfaces, clean front surface optical mirrors. Reinstall all covers, and test unit, (check for any dust on mirror surfaces). Repeated Imaging Tests

Note: The image should not be degraded after cleaning. If Wellhoeffer test passes, unit is registered.

Update XC and Clarity Installation

This is done over the internet, on a case by case basis.  This is either a manual installation, or an internet download, based on age of install.

About The Company

Founded in 1990 by Stephen Neushul, iCRco, inc. has introduced a full range of digital-imaging solutions to serve medical imaging professionals. Pioneering introductions include the first single-plate digitizer to have True Flat Scan Path™ technology, iCRco now offers a full range of digital-imaging solutions, including CR, DR, cone-beam CT; image-acquisition, practice-management, and image-archiving software.

For more information, contact iCRco at (310) 921–9559 or at

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