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Phosphor screens are not meant to bend, fold, or pass through rollers. This is a common problem with many traditional computed radiography scanners that almost always leads to image degradation, artifacts, and the eventual need for replacement. 

iCRco’s True Flat Scan Path technology never bends the plates and ensures that the quality of your images won't degrade over time. The phosphor screen never leaves its protective cassette, thus preserving image quality and preventing damage during acquisition.

True Flat Scan Path is the only solution for image degradation because it provides long-term excellence in image quality and delivers more than 300,000 images per phosphor screen. iCRco imaging systems routinely process 300 patients per day with ease, whereas traditional digital systems simply cannot handle that kind of workload without constant hardware support and phosphor plate replacement.

True Flat Scan Path Advantages:

Prevents any stress to the plates

Compatible with Crystal IP

Significantly reduces total cost of ownership

Simplifies mechanics to one moving part

Reduces risk of mechanical failure

Increase overall throughput

Allows us to use today's best phosphor technology

Dramatically increases plate life

Increases Return On Investment (ROI)

Reduces service and support

Increases cycle time

Competitor's Method



IP is pulled through a system of rollers  leaving roller marks, as well as picking up scratches and artifacts upon the first few exposures.

78 | Pounds

iCRco's Method



Cassette replacement is no longer a routine cost of ownership. Not with our CR system. This image acquisition technology protects the IP platee, preserves it's life, and enables a guaranteed 300,000 artifact free images per cassette.

True Flat Scan Path Product Line


True Flat Scan Path technology is at the core of iCRco imaging devices. This technology has allowed iCRco to develop unique specialized imaging systems for the military, general medicine, veterinary, and non-destructive testing markets. The built-in scan head is attached to a rigid mechanical drive system and protected by a rugged exoskeleton that makes iCRco digital readers extremely tough. Due to the success of True Flat Scan Path, iCRco has proudly introduced the most unique designs including ultra-compact, wall-mountable, multi-modality, and multi-bay cassette readers.

Advanced | Phosphor Screen Technology


Crystal IP™ imaging plates are the next evolution in phosphor screen technology. This advanced imaging detector uses needle-shaped crystals positioned side by side resulting in a greater packing density and more efficient x-ray absorption in the active area. The crystals are specially grown inside a vacuum chamber using a method known as physical vapor deposition (PVD).  

During the slow-grown process of PVD, the crystals become long slender needles that can achieve a much higher x-ray absorption at a much faster rate. This combination results in clearer, more accurate diagnostic images at a much lower dose than standard CR cassettes.

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