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26 Coromar Dr. Goleta, CA 93117

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm PST

International Sales

North America | Europe | Asia | Africa | Middle East | Latin America


General inquiries for iCRco, Inc., a medical device manufacturer, serve the purpose of providing individuals and organizations with a platform to seek information, assistance, or clarification regarding our products and services. Whether it's potential customers looking for details about our medical imaging equipment or existing clients requiring support or guidance, our aim is to address their inquiries promptly and effectively. We strive to ensure that all individuals reaching out to us receive the necessary information and support they need to make informed decisions or resolve any concerns. By facilitating general inquiries, we aim to foster positive relationships and deliver exceptional customer service throughout the medical device journey.

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iCRco, Inc. has a dedicated support team ready to assist you promptly. We offer ongoing support for your radiography unit and are just a phone call away. Prioritize your service by providing details before calling.


iCRco, Inc. is a leading global medical imaging equipment manufacturer headquartered in California, USA. Our experienced sales team operates worldwide, collaborating with dealers and distributors in over 90 countries. With territory managers in various regions, including the United States, Asia Pacific, India, Europe, and Latin America, we offer comprehensive support tailored to your business and practice needs.

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