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Ultimate DR Mammography Solution.
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The AirDR™M is a Retrofittable DR Mammography Solutions equipped with a directly deposited Cesium iodide (Csl) scintillator which provides unparalleled image quality. The cassette-size minimizes patient dose and improves throughput, making it an innovative Fail-Safe Detector.

The AirDR™M is our most advanced, low-dose digital radiography solution when paired with the robust and feature-rich image processing XC™ software. XC™  provides superior quality images every time with an option to further manipulate the images. 



16 Bit 




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AirDR™M provides the highest efficiency cesium-iodide based scintillator, 16-bit available grayscale, and market-leading 75-micron active matrix that guarantees image resolution up to 6.7 lp/mm.

XC™ touchscreen acquisition with ICE-4 Enhancement Processing provides all-new features including, “Image Display State” to ensure the balanced presentation of both soft tissue, overlapping bone structures, and automatic analysis of image characteristics to optimize processing.

Our fully web-enabled and integrated PACS solution helps transition your practice into a safe, secure, and filmless environment. Clarity PACS™ supports all your current and future imaging needs.


The AirDR™M is a 75-micron, direct deposit Cesium, flat-panel detector. Powered by a Cesium Iodide Scintillator, the detector delivers high-resolution images at the lowest possible dose.

Single Sensor Detector

Other panels on the market can have as many as 5 separate sensors and the panel relies on these sensors to work in concert to acquire an image. Multi-sensor panels are often vulnerable to failure points between sensors, which can cause "no triggers" and "false triggers" during a routine study and ultimately lead to unnecessary repeat exposures for patients.

XC™ : ICE-4 Image Clarity Enhancement

The AirDR™M is designed to work iCRco’s proprietary software, X-ray Capture (XC). XC Acquisition software is powered by a multi-frequency processing algorithm known as Image Clarity Enhancement (ICE).


4th Generation ICE processing provides an image display state that ensures a balanced presentation of both soft tissue and overlapping bone structures and technology that improves image quality while preserving diagnostic detail for thicker body parts.

Simple, Intuitive Image Viewing

Clarity PACS : Storing, Reporting and Sending Images​​

The AirDR™M scans images and over time storing and organizing those images becomes a necessity. For this reason, iCRco has a fully DICOM compliant Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS). 

Clarity PACS is a scalable and affordable PACS designed to optimize imaging workflow and simplify image management processes, and it is fully web-enabled. It is designed to support all major modalities and includes a powerful web-viewer.

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