Introducing the AirDR LE™, a budget friendly wireless DR panel that performs at the level of our premium AirDR option, yet at a more affordable price. The cassette-size AirDR LE™ outputs at 140 Micron, making it an effective and competitive Detector.


The AirDR LE™ provides an advanced, low-dose digital radiography solution when paired with the robust and feature-rich image processing XC™ software. XC provides superior quality images every time with an option to further manipulate the images.

140 | Micron

16 Bit Resolution

15 | Megapixel


The AirDR LE™ System has been specially designed and optimized to advance the imaging equipment you're using right now. Utilizing it's unique form-factor and embedded Automatic Exposure Detection (AED), the AirDR LE™ System is compatible with any X-ray system designed to work with ISO 4090 - compliant, 35 x 43 cm cassettes.

XC™ : ICE-4 Image Clarity Enhancement

The AirDR LE™ is designed to work iCRco’s proprietary software, Xray Capture (XC). XC Acquisition software is powered by a multi-frequency processing algorithm known as Image Clarity Enhancement (ICE).


4th Generation ICE processing provides image display state that ensures balanced presentation of both soft tissue and overlapping bone structures and technology that improves image quality while preserving diagnostic detail for thicker body parts.

Simple, Intuitive Image Viewing

Clarity PACS : Storing, Reporting and Sending Images​​

The AirDR LE™ scans images and over time storing and organizing those images becomes a necessity. For this reason, iCRco has a fully DICOM compliant Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS). 

Clarity PACS is a scalable and affordable PACS designed to optimize imaging workflow and simplify image management processes, and it is fully web-enabled. It is designed to support all major modalities and includes a powerful web-viewer.

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