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The Future of iCRco, Inc. & Medical Imaging


Hi there! I'm Natasha Kucherenko, the Director of Sales at iCRco. I joined the company last year to drive our sales and operations in the exciting era of AI and 3DCT advancements in the imaging field. Before delving into that, I'd like to share my analysis of the industry. Let me know if any of this resonates with you.


From 1990 to 2020, digital imaging replaced X-ray film, revolutionizing medical imaging with improved quality, speed, and integration. However, the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the digital X-ray business in the USA. Prioritization of resources due to the pandemic led to a decrease in demand for digital X-ray systems. Infection control measures and budget constraints further affected the delivery of digital X-ray services, with limited access and cautious purchasing decisions. The pandemic brought operational challenges and uncertainties, influencing the demand and implementation of digital X-ray equipment.

Prior to COVID-19, the digital X-ray industry experienced a decline in margins, which presented challenges for X-ray service providers, perhaps like yourself. To navigate these difficulties, service provider / distributors  had to develop strong business and ecosystem models to sustain their teams and withstand economic uncertainties. The focus was on building resilience and adaptability to overcome the financial challenges posed by the downward trend in margins and ensure the long-term viability of their businesses in the industry.


Natasha Kucherenko, the Director of Sales at iCRco Inc. photographed on the  CT assembly line in Goleta, California USA. in June 2023.

Building The Future Begins with You

The Advantage of a New Era in Medical Imaging


If you've had previous experience with iCRco, you likely know that our devices are designed for easy servicing and repair. We prioritize a strong and rugged engineering approach that allows for seamless technology upgrades, ensuring longevity and continuous improvement. CBCT is a key focus for us as we advance the technology. This evolution encompasses not only software but also hardware components like the DR system, sensor sensitivity, video and graphic processing units, and computer horsepower. By optimizing these elements, we enhance the speed and capability of our Claris CBCT, creating a compelling and powerful solution.

However, in order to scale this technology across America, we need your support. We believe that iCRco, with its expertise in CR, is now venturing into the world of serviceable CBCT. The potential for growth and advancement in this field is truly exhilarating, and we believe that our solution can help you elevate your position as a leading X-ray powerhouse. Together, we can seize the margins and opportunities available to us, propelling the technology forward and achieving new heights.


2B Images Captured


Since it’s inception, iCRco, has been committed to providing healthcare professionals the best in imaging technology while pulling costs out of healthcare. iCRco is proudly represented in the most busiest and exotic locations in over 90 countries worldwide. Recently iCRco calculated almost 2 billion images captured since it entered the global arena.

Looking Ahead 

The Technology Roadmap for iCRco, Inc.


iCRco, Inc. has actively participated in major conferences in diverse markets such as orthopedic, veterinary, medical, and non-destructive testing, both locally and globally. These events revealed common industry themes focused on the next generation of imaging. Within the manufacturing sector, sustainable profit models faced challenges due to heightened competition from overseas offering lower-cost devices with quality issues. As a result, American businesses and manufacturing have been impacted. However, Stephen Neushul and iCRco, Inc. made strategic decisions that propelled the company's evolution from film scanners to computed radiography (CR) systems and now to the promising field of Medical Cone Beam CT. This scalable future presents an incredible opportunity, and I invite you to join us on this exciting technological journey. 

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The Future of Medical Imaging is the

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Sales | Customer Support

iCRco. Inc. is a US-based, global medical imaging equipment manufacturer with business in over 90 countries. From our headquarters in Goleta, California, we work and coordinate with our dealers and distributors to provide you the best service. Our sales team is composed of knowledgeable and experienced veterans in the medical imaging industry.


With territory managers positioned in the United States, Asia Pacific, India, Europe, and Latin America, we can assist you no matter where you are. All iCRco sales managers stand ready to answer your questions and address the needs of your business and practice.

American Manufacturing is alive and strong @ iCRco, Inc.


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