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Stephen Neushul, founder and CEO of iCRco, started his career designing deployable structures for the international space station. He engineered a myriad of sustainable, lightweight structures that withstood the harshest environments. Building from these engineering principles, Stephen crossed over to healthcare with the creation of the OmniMedia scanner in 1990.


Gaining industry notoriety with the introduction of this scanner, he launched iCRco. Stephen invented technologies that redefined the field of digital imaging. In 2003, following the success of his film digitizers, Stephen developed advanced computed radiography systems with the introduction of True Flat Scan Path™ technology. This revolutionary technology raised the bar in image acquisition, delivering the best image quality from phosphor screen detectors.


For over 20 years, iCRco has been providing a full range of digital imaging solutions including cassette workflow, direct capture, and 3DCT. Its globally-recognized products reduce healthcare costs with reliable hardware systems and high-resolution capabilities. iCRco offers leading edge technology that integrates seamlessly into acquisition, practice management, and image archiving solutions.

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